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QWHUP.COM service is closed

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QWHUP.COM has closed its buisness from 23rd July 2015

If you have any queries do send in a mail to


From 23rd July 2015 24:00 hrs (midnight) onward, all the pending account on our server will show a suspended account message.

We have extended the deadline for migrating services and refunds to 29th July 2015

What happens if I missed the deadline of 23rd July 2015 for refund and failed to migrate my services to other providers?


Do the following:
  1. 1. Immeadiately get in touch with us by raising a support ticket from the client area to get access to your website data.
  2. 2. Migrate your content to other provider.
  3. 3. Transfer your domain.
    1. 4. To claim refund, login to client area. Submit a support ticket for account deletion and refund for the unused webhosting period. Refunds are issued in 2-3 working days.

NOTE:. If you failed to migrate your services before the final deadline, you will loose not get any refund.

Please click here for detailed FAQ

Notification Published on 23rd June 2015

Dear Customers,

Please note that we will be closing the business activities related to the  QWHUP.COM  on 23rd July 2015. We will not be accepting any new orders with effect from 23rd June 2015.

As our web hosting services will be shut down in a phased manner, you are required to take certain action to keep your website functional and related services active.

How it will affect you:

You would need to do the following:

  • Transfer the services to other service providers.
  • Take refund of the unused duration of web hosting period. Please be advised that the domain registration fee is non refundable. Refund will be worked out as described in the cancellation policy.
  • Please click here for detailed FAQ


I on behalf of my team want to thank you for your using our services and hope that you had a pleasant experience. Please don't hesitate to contact us via client area if you need any assistance or have any outstanding issues prior to 23rd July 2015

 Sincerely yours,

 Sunil Arora

DHSA Infotech Services,
6-9 Trinity Street
Republic of Ireland


FAQ related to QWHUP service closure

1.  What you need to do if you avail QWHUP.COM web hosting service:

  • You would need to look for other website hosting company that meets your requirements. Sign up with them and transfer all the content you own related to your website. Easiest option for you would be to opt for a webhost who offers cpanel based service. You can also sign up with any other hosting service provider.
  • Cancel your service with us.
  • Take refund of the unused duration of web hosting period.


2. What you need to do, if you have a domain registered through us?

  • You can transfer the domain to another registrar, apart from billing nothing else changes. For most of the domains, you can do so by taking the EPP code for the domain you own and authorize its transfer to other registrar.
  • Cancel the service with us.
  • If you own a .IE domain registered through us, get in touch with us, we will get you the direct access to our registrar. You would be able to manage domain through their interface.
*If the domain name is expiring within this week or next week (until 7st July 2015), you may make the payment for the domain renewal and transfer it afterwards.
*Process of domain transfer is simple, find the registrar to whom you wish to transfer the domain billing, get the epp code from the client area and authorize the transfer.


3. What you need to do, if you use our web hosting and have a domain registered through us?

  • You would need to transfer the web hosting service to other web hosting service provider.
  • Transfer the domain registration billing to other domain registrar (web hosting service provider).
  • Take refund of the unused period of webhosting.


4. How to get refund ?

  • Login to client area.
  • Submit a support ticket for the refund of the unsed period of webhosting/service.


5. How to get the Authorization/EPP code for domain transfer

  • The EPP code for the said domains can be generated by you from the client area.
  • Login to client area, select my domains, and select the domain.
  • You will be taken to the domain details page and you can find/generate the EPP code there.


6. How to access the client area?

You can access the client area by clicking here.


7. Will my website and related services stop working?

All the accounts with valid subscription can remain active until 23rd July 2015. Get in touch with us if you have questions.


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